PowerSchool accounts are for Office Administrators, Principals, Vice Principals, Resource, ELL teachers, and Guidance staff. Username and Password are the exact same ones that you use to log onto the network and HelpDesk.

New and Updated PowerSchool Accounts

Create a HelpDesk ticket (HelpDesk icon located on the Staff Portal) if a new PowerSchool account is required OR a change to an existing role is required.

This may be a new role at your location (e.g. now a Resource teacher) requiring new or different PowerSchool access. Once the ticket has been created and assigned, have your the Principal, Vice Principal or OA email the assigned HelpDesk staff member confirming your new role. This account CANNOT be created until a Confirmation email has been received.

Note:  please confirm with the Office Administrator that your name has been added to Staffing in PowerSchool.